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live your passion
  2. brutalgeneration:

(by Marcin Grüner)
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  4. Ironman Canada 2014

    Race report to come.

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    Aerial work featuring this emblematic break in Newport Beach, CA.

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  7. If you want to preserve relationships, then you must learn to respond instead of react to fear and pain. Responding does not come naturally. You can react without thinking, but you cannot respond without training your mind to think, your will to choose, and your body to obey. It is precisely this training that brings the best qualities in human beings - like courage, empathy, reason, compassion, justice, and generosity - to the surface. The ability to exercise these qualities and respond gives you other options besides disconnection in the face of relational pain.

    Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On (via hopefisch)
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I heart elephants..
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R1-00 by kori song on Flickr.
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    Above the grit and noise of the street, downtown Los Angeles quietly provides some of the most amazing visual detail in its buildings and public art works. This is a selection of those buildings and public arts filmed across some 50 different locations in the immediate downtown area and the arts district.

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  12. Illumination

    Greg Long, big wave surfer, on the clarity uncovered following the wipeout that nearly killed him:

    On my journey of self-discovery and reflection, I learned to not be preoccupied with the judgment or expectations of others. Instead, I should listen to what I felt to be true in my own heart. The further away I strayed from speaking and living the truth, or hiding my feelings and emotions, the more I struggled.

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